Data Security & Privacy Statement

1. Overview

Label Manager for Confluence(Cloud) uses the Amazon Web Services (AWS) service to process all functions serviced by the add-on. The Label Manager for Confluence(Cloud) hosted service runs on the AWS platform. Label Manager for Confluence(Cloud) does not store customer data. However, Label Manager for Confluence(Cloud) stores technical logs for a period of up to 14 days. Each web request, from and to Confluence Cloud, is authenticated and authorized before access is allowed, and all communication is secured through SSL (https).

2. Data Storage and Facilities.

Label Manager for Confluence(Cloud) hosted service uses AWS components and infrastructure for data processing, and Loggly for log management and storage.

3. Stored Confluence data.

Köstebek Technology does not store any customer data. 

4. People and Access.

Köstebek Technology support and monitoring teams access technical logs only for purposes of application health monitoring and performing system or application maintenance, and upon customer request for support purposes. Only authorized Köstebek Technology employees and consultants have access to logs.

5. Backups.

Since Label Manager for Confluence(Cloud) does not store any customer data, no backups are required.